5 Reasons Why You Need a New Graduate Admissions Management Solution: Reason #3

Jun 28, 2016

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been featuring excerpts from our recently released ebook 5 Reasons Why You Need a New Graduate Admissions Management Solution on the blog. Last week, we covered how UniCAS’s integrated applicant services provide the support you need for manual administrative tasks. This week, we’re covering the third reason why you should consider a graduate admissions management solution: The inconsistent data created by your current solution takes too long to analyze.

Your Need: Compatible, Comparable Graduate Program Data

Graduate schools and programs often develop or acquire point solutions to support their programs’ highly specialized requirements. These systems don’t necessarily communicate with one another or with central systems, making it very difficult to collect and analyze information in a unified way.

The Solution: Common Data Standards

UniCAS is a single reporting platform with common data standards that allow for comprehensive and consistent reporting across graduate schools and programs. Its analytics tools forecast and model enrollment trends for current and future applicant cycles. And executive dashboards provide strategic insight into performance at all levels of the institution.

Check back next week for our next reason to consider a graduate admissions management solution: Your current admissions management solution can’t provide a global view of your graduate admissions performance.

Want to read the full ebook? Download 5 Reasons Why You Need a Graduate Admissions Management Solution here.

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