5 Reasons Why You Need a New Graduate Admissions Management Solution: Reason #1

Jun 15, 2016

Admissions professionals all know that graduate admissions is a decentralized world  – but with centralized data needs. Despite this, most traditional admissions management systems were not developed to meet the complex needs of graduate admissions processes.

But what if home grown and pieced-together systems that scatter applicant information and are too simple to serve your complex needs were a thing of the past?

What if you could save time and money through working more efficiently, outdo rival institutions’ graduate programs and deliver better experiences for your applicants?

What if there was a far better way to manage graduate admissions?

There is! Our newly released ebook 5 Reasons Why You Need a New Graduate Admissions Management Solution explores how to gain a unified view of enrollment efforts across your institution – all while supporting the unique needs of your individual graduate programs. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing excerpts from 5 Reasons here on the blog.

The first reason? Your current solution isn’t flexible enough for your graduate programs’ needs.

Your Need: Flexibility to Admit the Right Students

Trying to accommodate the different admissions requirements for your various graduate programs can be extremely difficult from an IT and resource management perspective. If you are using an application management solution, making updates to accommodate needs of individual graduate programs oftentimes requires custom services from the vendor. If changes are frequent—or if you have many programs to manage and update—the time it takes for the vendor to make these updates can easily become expensive.

The Solution: A Customizable Solution

A centralized admissions management solution designed for the decentralized graduate world, UniCAS allows each graduate program to independently:

  • Configure required parts of the application to their needs.
  • Integrate with specific testing services.
  • Track supplemental credentials and requirements.
  • Schedule applicant interviews.
  • Have their own decision-making workflows.
  • Manage their specific admissions requirements.

Request a demo here to see how UniCAS’s Configuration Manager empowers you to manage application workflows without vendor involvement, increasing speed and lowering application processing costs.

Check back next week for our second reason to consider a graduate admissions management solution: Your current solution leaves you burdened with manual administrative tasks.

Want to read the full ebook? Download 5 Reasons Why You Need a Graduate Admissions Management Solution here.

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