4 Admissions Challenges WebAdMIT Can Help You Overcome

RJ Nichol
Feb 13, 2018

Challenge #1: Keeping track of applications

With so many applicants to review, you may have a hard time keeping track of where each one stands in the process, what communications they have received and what their next steps are.

With WebAdMIT, you can:

  • Create groups of applicants using customized categories.
  • Perform “batch” actions to these groups to communicate quickly.

Challenge #2: Finding time to review your admissions strategy

Busy admissions teams have countless applications to review, and that doesn’t always leave time for looking at the big picture. WebAdMIT increases transparency, accountability, speed and accuracy to help you make more strategic decisions and prepare for emerging enrollment trends.

With WebAdMIT, you can:

  • Understand how your programs are performing in real time.
  • Benchmark and compare programs across your institution.
  • Forecast and model enrollment trends.
  • Gain competitive insight.
  • Respond to state or national surveys, accreditation agency requests and internal constituent inquiries with meaningful data.

Challenge #3: Communicating in real time throughout the admissions lifecycle

Homegrown — and even some other vendor-provided solutions — don’t offer a way to communicate with applicants in real time.

With WebAdMIT, you can:

  • Easily create email templates and associate them with specific stages in your admissions process.
  • Personalize email lists using simple mail merge functionality.
  • Add hyperlinks directing applicants to key information.
  • Create student cohorts for targeted messaging.
  • Track and manage all communications.

And internally, you can:

  • Provide reviewers with all necessary items using the Assignments feature.
  • Create Work Groups to decide which users have access to each function.
  • Decide which sections of an application the users can view.
  • Move users among work groups as desired.
  • Change the permissions or viewing ability for all users in a group.

Challenge #4: Ranking applicants

Admissions teams often have different weightings for application criteria, making it challenging to identify the most qualified candidates. Some programs like to incorporate items like GPAs, test scores, and interview scores into one comprehensive applicant score.

Using WebAdMIT’s Scoring feature, you can:

  • Decide which items are weighted.
  • Decide how they’ll be weighted towards the total score.
  • Include customized GPAs that are based on college coursework.
  • Create reports and exports that allow you to easily compare your applicants and extract those with the best results.

Learn more about WebAdMIT.

RJ Nichol

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