3 Ways Liaison’s EMP™ Has Made Strategic Enrollment Management Easier for Universities

RJ Nichol
Oct 25, 2018

In November, Liaison will be heading to AACRAO’s Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Conference in Washington, D.C. This conference will bring together enrollment managers, academic advisors, budget officers and admissions professionals from across the country to discuss the ways strategic enrollment is changing.

Read on for three ways that institutions have already started to evolve their enrollment strategies with Liaison’s Enrollment Marketing Platform (EMP™).

1. Minnesota State University used EMP to offer a streamlined, yet personalized student experience.

When institutions can identify the actions enrolled students took when they were prospective students, making the applied to enrolled leap becomes a little easier. When MSU looked at data from their first year in EMP, they were able to make strategic recruitment decisions that contributed to a freshman enrollment increase of 9.8%. Using the EMP helped MSU enroll 200 more first-year students and bring in over $1.1 million more in tuition revenue.

In EMP, MSU assigned its prospective students a point value based on their engagement with texts and email campaigns, events and campus tours. When reviewing their data, the MSU team found that almost two-thirds of the students accepted who scored 300 or more points enrolled, which was higher than their one-third enrollment rate overall. “Next year, we’re looking at doing microtargeting for students with high model scores but low engagement numbers to see if there’s something we can do to move them through the funnel,” said Brian Jones, director of admissions. 

2. Pfeiffer University transformed its enrollment process, admissions workflow and overall prospective student experience.

In 2017, Pfeiffer University achieved many goals but welcoming its largest incoming class in 30 years and increasing campus visits by almost 200% were among the most notable. They also increased deposits by 28% from 2016. All of this was helped by the University’s adoption and implementation of EMP.

“When used efficiently, EMP is a revolutionary asset that can transform the enrollment process, admissions workflow and overall experience for prospective students,” shared Brian Luckett, former senior director of marketing and communications at Pfeiffer. “By putting ourselves in the shoes of the prospective student and tapping into EMP’s abilities, we created a new day for Pfeiffer University.”

3. Northeast Ohio Medical University quickly offered a more dynamic student experience.

The goal when James Barrett came on board as Director of Admissions at Northeast Ohio Medical (NEOMED) University was to grow its number of verified applications. Using EMP helped them achieve that — they grew by 42%, increasing deposits by 39%.

“The curve from delivery to seeing a return on our investment has been among the shortest that I’ve seen. EMP’s versatility is fantastic relative to other CRMs I’ve used,” Barrett said. NEOMED’s admissions officers were easily able to track communication and responses from students across multiple channels in EMP, which helped them meet enrollment goals consistently. “A robust CRM also allowed us to expand to a more nationwide presence,” Barrett said. “This tool is not only a CRM, but it also provides a robust landing page experience that can be dynamic as prospective students change their areas of interest. We’re able to leverage that quite a bit.”

Learn more about EMP at AACRAO SEM

Are you interested in offering a more dynamic student experience and transforming your enrollment processes, admissions workflow and overall prospective student experience? Stop by booth 115 at the AACRAO SEM Conference to learn how EMP can help your institution achieve its enrollment goals.

RJ Nichol

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