3 Reasons to Take Advantage of Liaison’s On-Demand WebAdMIT™ Training Webinars

RJ Nichol
Jan 3, 2019

WebAdMIT on-demand eLearning courses, offered by the recently launched Liaison Academy, are a great way for your admissions office to ensure it’s getting the most out of Liaison’s admissions technology. We know your time and money are valuable, so we’ve developed these courses to fit your budget, your busy schedule and your professional goals. Read on for three reasons to take advantage of Liaison’s on-demand training webinars today.  

Reason 1: They fit your budget.

Generally, conferences are expensive, and online certifications require quite the financial investment. Still, those in all admissions roles stand to benefit from continuing education. That’s why our on-demand training courses are free to Liaison clients. All that you have to invest in these sessions is your time, and you can expect to see a return on that investment when you save time on administrative tasks by using WebAdMIT in ways you never even knew you could.

Reason 2: They fit your schedule.

Since some learners prefer the engaging nature of a live training session, we offer a full range of these sessions. We also recognize that you’re busy so you won’t necessarily be able to make it to a session that takes place on a Thursday afternoon. That’s where our on-demand training comes in — these eLearning courses are broken up into short, targeted video clips that help you master one task before moving to the next. Each course can be completed in less than one hour, so you can even fit them in over your lunch break if needed.

Reason 3: They meet you where you are.

Our training webinars are focused on increasing the skills that are most applicable to your everyday work. When you leave a webinar, you’re ready to apply what you learned on the job that day.

Interested in learning about the fundamental functionality of WebAdMIT? You could get started right now, whenever you’re reading this post, with our WebAdMIT Basic Training. Want to explore advanced WebAdMIT features? We’ve got that covered in WebAdMIT Advanced Training, which is just a click away as well. If you’re the one who is responsible for configuring the programs that your applicants apply to, check out our Configuration Portal Training. We also regularly cover special topics in additional sessions, so be sure to bookmark the WebAdMIT Help Center for easy access to all of our on-demand courses, recorded webinars and training videos.

I’m ready, sign me up!

Check out our on-demand WebAdMIT training webinar schedule here. It takes just a minute to gain access to the wealth of Liaison Academy’s educational offerings.

RJ Nichol

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