The 2016 Inquiry Response Audit: Catholic Schools & Universities

May 16, 2016

College Enrollment: Trouble Signs…

College Enrollment Dropped Over 2 Percent Last Year…

Why is College Enrollment Declining?…

These recent headlines from theWashington Post,The Daily Caller and CBS news provide insight into the challenging times that admissions offices have faced for the last few years.

“There are less students, but there’s still the same number of colleges,” shared Immaculata University Executive Director of Admissions Dr. Nicola DiFronzo-Heitzer during our recent webinar The 2016 Inquiry Response Audit: Catholic Schools & Universities. “Schools—especially small Catholic schools—are competing to attract the same students and since you build your class one student at a time, each and every student counts.”

With this in mind, how can your school not only reach best-fit students but also win them over to meet your ambitious enrollment goals? There’s an easy answer: with immediate and relevant responses.

The not-so-easy part: scaling to provide timely responses to hundreds or even thousands of students and tracking interactions to better target your responses.

If your school hasn’t figured this part out, our recent inquiry response audit of Catholic schools and universities proves that you’re not alone. Visiting inquiry forms for 150 Catholic schools, we documented the response style and cycle of each school in order to help you determine if you’re setting yourself apart or if there are small, easy changes that you could make to do so.

Watch the recording of the webinar embedded below for answers to questions like:

  • How do successful schools find the time and resources needed to offer the best possible first impression to prospective students?
  • How long do most schools take to respond to inquiries?
  • How many follow up actions are needed to set your school apart?

Interested to see how your Catholic school performed in our inquiry response audit? Request a personalized audit report here:

Want to see how Liaison can help you scale your communications, automating relationship building to help you meet recruitment goals? Sign up for a demo of EMP here.

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