Liaison’s Total Enrollment™ Approach

Total Enrollment™

Build Better, More Diverse Classes with Liaison’s Prospect-to-Alumni Ecosystem

Liaison’s Total Enrollment solution approach brings together your institution’s existing and Liaison-provided software and services to manage your students’ journeys and strengthen your teams’ focus on learning and community

Liaison's Total Enrollment approach creates a customizable, easy-to-implement roadmap that:

  • Improves student search strategies and personalized engagement
  • Simplifies application and decision processes
  • Informs financial aid awards
  • Delivers student retention predictions and prescriptions

Liaison's Total Enrollment solution streamlines the student lifecycle from start to finish. Here’s how:

Liaison’s Total Enrollment approach brings together the strongest products to build powerful connections with software and service providers. Whether you’re seeking a comprehensive solution or components that work with existing technologies, Total Enrollment helps you focus on the student experience to increase enrollment and improve success.

Intelligent Names:
Eliminate Guesswork and Find the Best-Fit Students for Your Campus

Finding best-fit students that align with your campus culture can increase ROI by up to five times. Liaison’s Intelligent Names can help you do just that by identifying new prospects with a Total Enrollment solution.
  • Discover hard-to-find students including adult learners interested in continuing education
  • Systematically segment by geography, intent scores, and demographics
  • Increase targeting effectiveness with selective messaging and micro-campaigns
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Increase outreach among all adult learners


Focus on “individualism”

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Drive decision-making using “living analytics”

Liaison Applications:
Streamline the Application Process for Students and Staff

Increase student enrollment, streamline operations, and automate administrative tasks.
  • Gain real-time insights on application volume and metrics
  • Simplify the application process to multiple programs with a user-friendly interface
  • Ensure business continuity and optimize on-campus resources

See the whole student beyond just test scores and transcripts


Optimize the application experience for prospective students and staff


Expand your applicant pool


Reallocate limited on-campus resources

Reach the Right Audience at the Right Time

Targeted messaging to prospects most likely to enroll increases admissions success and reduces administrative work.
  • Our total enrollment solution suites attract and engage best-fit students while accelerating internal workflows
  • Automated marketing services ensure that students receive the right message at the right time

Achieve recruitment and engagement goals


Develop meaningful connections with prospects, applicants, and students

Prescriptive Analytics:
Make Informed Decisions Using AI Data

Gain a deeper understanding of individual applicants using real-time, AI-driven data. Our models analyze four times the variables used in linear regression—and with greater accuracy—helping you make informed decisions and track your goals consistently and confidently.
  • Gain quick insights that answer: “What should be done?”
  • Understand each student’s unique situation and the factors influencing decisions to enroll

Proactively identify issues


Empower users with information


Gain a deeper understanding of the individual


Make decisions confidently, with strong data-backing


Access dedicated success teams and resources

Marketing Services:
Differentiate Your Campus and Get to ‘Yes’

Liaison’s Total Enrollment solution will help you increase student enrollment by identify prospects and engage them—and their families—with personalized communications and targeted campaigns that differentiate you from other campuses.
  • Immediate, relevant, automated, and trackable marketing campaigns drive positive engagement
  • Liaison’s enrollment marketing experts develop, design, and manage campaigns and communication plans as an extension of your team

Spur applicants and family decision makers to take the next step


Differentiate your programs


Gain a clearer understanding on ROI to reach your unique goals

Diagnostic Analytics:
Understand Campus Trends to Achieve—and Exceed—Goals

Liaison’s Diagnostic Analytics solutions deliver clear visibility into what is happening campus-wide. Total Enrollment provides solutions to questions you might not know you should be asking and empowers you to understand and speak to the impact of your key initiatives.
  • Real-time analysis using your data gives you the confidence to make informed decisions
  • Out-of-the-box higher-ed dashboards offer easy-to-understand visualizations of essential data
TE bottom Icons _Translate

Translate admissions and enrollment hypothesis into data-backed trends

TE bottom Icons _Facilitate

Facilitate more strategic resource and effort investment

TE bottom Icons _Drive

Drive outcomes across campus and across disciplines with key decision maker buy-in

Ready to Get Started?

Our Total Enrollment is an ecosystem designed to support you and your students — no matter which application, CRM or communication tools you choose.

Columbia College of Chicago used Liaison's Prescriptive Analytics

  • Boosted Enrollment by 34%
  • $1 million in NTR in the first year
  • Increased diversity by 14%

Kansas State University used Liaison Marketing Services

  • Increased new students by 53% year over year
  • Enrolled more students in 12 of its 16 programs

Santa Clara University used Liaison Applications

  • Drove $6.1 million in revenue growth
  • 48% increase in applications at the graduate school of business
  • Up to 75% increase in enrollment across event, online, and executive MBA programs