An online clinical training management tool to track, verify, and organize experiences

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Offering the most complete and easy-to-use time tracking app, Time2Track is the go-to solution for students, professionals, interns, schools, businesses, training sites, and many other individuals and organizations u that need to track and manage training hours online.

Time2Track offers:
  • Simple, effective online time tracking
  • Secure cloud-based record-keeping
  • Easy-to-monitor progress toward licensure
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For Students

Track your clinical training hours for practicum, internship, and licensure

For Professionals

Track your clinical supervision and experiences for licensure applications

For Schools

Transform your program’s record-keeping and reduce your paper usage


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Hours Tracking

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Mobile Platform

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Online Approval

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Online Evaluations

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Progress Reports

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Progress Analytics

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Time2Track Case Studies_Tuskegee

Tuskegee Social Work Transforms its Experience Management System to Defy a Pandemic

  • Shift to cloud-based system to modernize and simplify documentation practices
  • Significant reduction in paper waste
  • Increased access for marginalized and disadvantaged populations via app
Time2Track Case Studies_St Mary

Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota Turns Tracking MFT Practicum Hours from a Nightmare to a Dream

  • Increased efficiency with online tracking technology
  • Improved monitoring of student progress
Time2Track Case Studies_Pacific U

Pacific University Puts the Time-Tracking Reins in Students’ Hands

  • Superior service for studnet interns, instructors, and staff
  • Enhanced and efficient communications