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Your challenge:

Engage and recruit best-fit prospective students with the right message at the right time

As a Vice President or Director of Marketing, you're also tasked with supporting enrollment goals, brand visibility and improving your institution's competitive market position.

Our approach: A marketing platform and CRM capabilities that drive more effective communications to students and parents

Liaison provides you with easy-to-use, configurable, cloud-based platforms to identify, recruit, admit and enroll your best-fit students.

Our Enrollment Marketing Platform and Centralized Application Services enable you to:
  • Maximize your marketing effort without maximizing your resources.
  • Broaden your applicant pool with greater national and international reach.
  • Deliver personalized communications to prospective students across multiple channels.
  • Increase the visibility of your brand by showcasing your institution where your best-fit students spend their time…online.

Learn more about how Liaison can help you achieve your enrollment marketing goals with these resources.

Download the overview and learn how EMP captures student data and behaviors so you can reach out with the most communications across the full student lifecycle.
Do the Demo
Experience EMP's personalized messages, microsites, print pieces and communications as though you were the student by starting a Viewbook demo.
Pfeiffer University
Download the case study and learn how Pfeiffer University increased campus visits by 198% and achieved its largest incoming class in 30 years with EMP.