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Your challenge:

Drive tuition revenue, reduce costs and deliver reliable infrastructure

As a College or University President, you're also tasked with defining strategy and outlining and measuring goals for admissions and enrollment, IT staff and program directors.

Our approach: A comprehensive, single solution that centralizes departments, but provides for each of their decentralized requirements and workflows

Liaison’s enrollment suite provides your institution with the power to streamline processes while reducing costs and administrative burden, while simplifying data flow for better analytical insight.

Our cloud-based enrollment solutions for admissions and marketing offer:
  • Better inquiry and applicant experiences to build a better class.
  • Process efficiency with reduced effort through shared services
  • Easy integration with your existing SIS and other systems.
  • Aggregated data for faster trend analysis and strategic insight.
  • Cost savings from day one.

Learn more about how Liaison can help you achieve your strategic, economic and admissions goals with these resources.

Download the overview and learn how CAS optimizes the admissions process, from professional associations to admissions offices.
The Case for a CAS
Download "The Economic and Strategic Case for a Centralized Student Application Processing System" to learn about the potential economic benefits for your institution.
Download the overview and learn about UniCAS, the only solution that provides a unified view of enrollment efforts across your institution.