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Your challenge:

Reduce technical workload and overhead, aggregate data and improve the applicant experience

As a CIO or IT Director, you're tasked with finding ways to aggregate and streamline BIG data across multiple systems, manage multiple APIs and deliver an analytics package that admissions and enrollment professionals need to identify best-fit students and improve their process.

Our approach: A single solution that eliminates data silos

Liaison lets you have it both ways with a centralized solution for your institution’s decentralized process requirements and workflows.

Our Centralized Application Service and Enrollment Marketing Platform enable you to:
  • Manage all your applications (and supplemental applications if required) in one place — and one database.
  • Configure the system for the unique needs of each of your end users.
  • Produce aggregate reporting.
  • Reduce the number of APIs you manage to one.
  • Reduce effort and improve performance while delivering an improved applicant experience.

Learn more about how Liaison can help you achieve your IT and systems management goals with these resources.

508 Compliance
Click through for our VPATS and more information on how our products support "Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973".
The Case for a CAS
Download "The Economic and Strategic Case for a Centralized Student Application Processing System" to learn about the potential economic benefits for your institution.
Download the overview and learn how WebAdMIT helps you analyze and report on applicant data, and improve applicant and evaluator communication.