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Your challenge:

Advocate for your discipline, deliver member benefits and drive non-dues revenue.

As an Association Director, you also need timely insight into key trends in your field, access to critical data and to deliver value for programs that participate in your association.

Our Approach: A Centralized Application Service (CAS) for discipline-specific requirements and workflows

Liaison’s suite of Centralized Application Service solutions provides your membership with the tools they need to optimize their admissions process and improve the applicant experience.

Liaison’s Centralized Application Service offers:
  • State-of-the-art admissions management software and shared services for your member programs.
  • The ability for students to apply to multiple programs across multiple campuses with a single application and one set of reference letters and track their status real time.
  • Centralized data collection visual reporting to help you analyze professional trends, lobby for funding, and anticipate change.
  • Value to new and existing members that helps build your base and lead to more successful professional advocacy.
  • Revenue sharing with our association partners.

Learn more about how Liaison can help you achieve your association and program admissions goals with these resources.

Our Lady of the Lake
Download the Our Lady of the Lake case study to learn how its Communication Disorder program reduced application review time by 75% with CAS.
Download the overview and learn how CAS optimizes the admissions process, from professional associations to admissions offices.