Liaison and Kira Talent Partner to Promote Holistic Admissions

Nov 16, 2016

Admissions management leader partners with holistic assessment platform to streamline admissions

WATERTOWN, Mass. (November 15, 2016) — Liaison, the leading provider of higher education admissions management and enrollment marketing solutions, today announced a partnership with Kira Talent, the first holistic assessment platform for colleges and universities. Liaison is partnering with Kira to integrate their interactive timed video and written component with Liaison’s centralized applications for admissions.

Along with making it possible for applicants to apply to multiple schools within a single application, Liaison-powered Centralized Application Services (CASTM) provide participating programs with a user-friendly online portal for application review. The services also offer support that minimizes administrative burdens, including transcript authentication, verification and customer application support. Integrating Kira’s video components will give participating schools the tools to better assess non-cognitive factors like communication skills, leadership, and teamwork, which are becoming increasingly important as part of the holistic review process.

“For the last two decades, our Centralized Application Services have streamlined the application process so admissions officers can focus on finding best-fit students. Pairing our CAS efficiency and ease of access with Kira’s state-of-the-art interactive components will provide admissions officers with an unprecedented opportunity to learn first-hand about the characteristics of their applicants beyond the typical cognitive data,” said George Haddad, CEO and founder of Liaison. “We’re excited to work with Kira to empower officers to make the strategic admissions decisions that will most benefit their institutions and students.”

“As we’ve expanded around the world, we’ve seen an increased demand for a comprehensive and robust solution to conduct holistic assessments. Grades and written essays only tell part of the story.” said Craig Morantz, CEO of Kira. “Our partnership with Liaison will ensure their 7,000+ clients have integrated access to all of the Kira tools allowing these school’s admission teams an incredible opportunity to make smarter admission decisions without sacrificing efficiency.”

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Over the last three decades, Liaison has helped over 40,000 programs on more than 1,200 campuses more effectively manage admissions through its Centralized Application Service (CAS™) technology and complementary application processing and support services. The higher education technology leader supports its partner institutions’ total enrollment goals by pairing CAS with its Enrollment Marketing (EM) platform as well as the recently acquired TargetX (CRM) and advanced analytics software Othot.