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Boston University Implements Liaison’s UniCAS™ Solution to Process Applications Across All Graduate Programs

Mar 29, 2016

Liaison’s UniCAS™ Solution will centralize university-wide data for better insight and advanced strategic planning

 BOSTON, Mass. (March 29, 2016) – Liaison, the leader in admissions management and enrollment marketing solutions for higher education, today announced that Boston University implemented its UniCAS™ system and services for centralized application management across the University’s graduate programs. Boston University selected UniCAS after an extensive evaluation process and will now manage more than 40,000 applications a year across more than 100 graduate programs using Liaison’s enrollment management platform.

UniCAS is a comprehensive web-based application management system that combines state-of-the-art application workflow, integrated admission services, and an analytical reporting engine to help institutions gain extensive oversight of school-wide enrollment trends and to identify, recruit, and enroll best-fit students. UniCAS enables strategic decision-making by collecting, standardizing, and delivering actionable applicant data across all programs while allowing those programs to customize their applications and preserve their unique admission practices and branding. In addition, services such as GPA and course prerequisite calculations, transcript verification, mail processing, scanning and authentication of documents enable admissions officers to focus on more applicant-facing and strategic tasks.

“Too often, institutions have a fractured view of admissions efforts and enrollment trends at the graduate level,” said Tim Barbari, Associate Provost for Graduate Affairs at Boston University. “By implementing UniCAS, we will be able to more effectively collect data across all of our graduate programs to make data-driven decisions on how to best focus our resources in the short-term, as well as the future. We conducted a thorough evaluation of UniCAS and are confident that it will support our ability to improve our graduate enrollment processes and attract bright and talented students from around the world.”

With the UniCAS solution, Boston University’s new admissions capabilities include:

  • Streamlined access to admissions data to provide a university-wide view of submitted and accepted applicant information
  • Customizable applications for individual programs that also reflect centralized university standards
  • Real-time monitoring of application activity and online application review
  • Easy access to applicant documents
  • Services such as GPA verification, mail processing, scanning, official test-score matching, customer service, and document storage
  • The ability to create customized data exports

“Boston University is a highly-esteemed institution that places amongst the best graduate programs in the U.S. and internationally. Their graduate admissions process spans more than 100 programs and as such is fairly decentralized,” said George Haddad, CEO and Founder at Liaison. “With the UniCAS system, students will have a better application process, admissions officers will enjoy configurable, easy-to-use tools and university leaders will gain better insight into enrollment activity and how they are pacing towards their enrollment goals across all programs.”

Learn more about how the UniCAS solution provides strategic insight on enrollment management at:


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