Winter 2021

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Winter 2021

In the Winter 2021 edition of The Admissionist, brought to you by LiaisonEDU, we review topics related to the future of admissions, change, evolving practices, and success.

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  • How Savvy Campus Leaders Are Pivoting to a Better Future
  • The Acceleration of Change The Future of Admissions — During and After the Pandemic
  • The Undergraduate-to-Graduate Connection How Colleges and Universities are Working to Bridge the Gap Between Undergraduate and Graduate Programs
  • GME 101 Exploring New and Evolving Best Practices in GME Administration
  • Building the Liaison Academy Community
  • Discovering the Power of the Pivot Admissions Leaders Share Their Strategies for Tackling Higher Education’s New Challenges and Opportunities
  • Do More with More CAS Gives You More Time and Resources to Focus on Enrollment Results
  • An Interview With Innovation & Technology Hub and SlideRoom Partner The Ion “An Expansive Set of Solutions for Applicants and Programs”
  • Success without Disruption How Liaison Helped Our Partners Overcome the Pandemic’s Game-Changing Challenges
  • Welcome to the CAS Community Higher Education Admissions Professionals Working Together for the Common Good
  • Digging Deeper How Graduate Engineering Programs Mine Data for Better Enrollment Outcomes
  • Five Reasons to Re-Think Print Highlights from a Liaison Enrollment Marketing Webinar

About Liaison

Over the last three decades, Liaison has helped over 31,000 programs on more than 1,000 campuses more effectively manage admissions through its Centralized Application Service (CAS™) technology and complementary application processing and support services. The higher education technology leader supports its partner institutions’ total enrollment goals by pairing CAS with its Enrollment Marketing (EM) platform as well as the recently acquired TargetX (CRM) and advanced analytics software Othot.