Fall 2019

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Fall 2019

In the Fall 2019 edition of The Admissionist, brought to you by LiaisonEDU, we review topics related to education, health professions, recruitment & enrollment, and technology.

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  • 5 Things to Expect When Taking a Liaison Academy Virtual Course 


  • What Does APA See in PSYCAS™? “An Expansive Set of Solutions for Applicants and Programs”
  • Dr. Lucinda Maine and AACP: Implementing a Transformative Vision for Pharmacy Education and Practice


  • Kansas State University Polytechnic Increases Freshman Enrollment by Nearly 50%
  • Doing More with Less in Admissions and Enrollment 
  • Three Reasons to Include Social Media in Your Admissions Outreach
  • “A Stab in the Dark”: Dental HygienePrograms and the Quest to Predict Student Success


  • In the Cutting-edge Biomedical Sciences Field, BioMedCAS™ Drives an Admissions Revolution
  • Time2Track™ Connects High School Students to Careers
  • Less Paper, More Data, Better Work: How Postbac Programs Rise to the Admissions Marketing Challenge
Over the last three decades, Liaison has helped over 40,000 programs on more than 1,200 campuses more effectively manage admissions through its Centralized Application Service (CAS™) technology and complementary application processing and support services. The higher education technology leader supports its partner institutions’ total enrollment goals by pairing CAS with its Enrollment Marketing (EM) platform as well as the recently acquired TargetX (CRM) and advanced analytics software Othot.