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Every level of higher education comes with its unique challenges — and in today’s highly interconnected world, the solutions to these problems will increasingly rely on cooperation that transcends traditional program delineations. Undergraduate leaders need better and more sophisticated tools to find best-fit students and support their persistence toward graduation. Meanwhile, graduate schools face pipeline worries that will only be exacerbated by the global pandemic and economic crisis. And yet, these two parts of the institution are often siloed.

In this session, enrollment leaders from across the academic spectrum will explore the concept of the Undergrad-to-Grad School Pipeline, and how incentivizing graduate enrollment can drive retention for undergraduate students while also boosting enrollment at the graduate level.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to establish these connections,
  • Ways to communicate effectively with their counterparts; and
  • What types of programming best help move students along the pathway to their ultimate educational goals.

From summer research institutes to curriculum enhancements, to advising relationships and more, panelists will share concrete examples from their institutions and discuss how your institution can achieve the same results.