Read Liaison’s Stance On Fighting Systemic Racism | On COVID-19
The renowned philosopher Plato, credited with founding the first university, profoundly said, “necessity is the mother of invention.” As we navigate through the current crisis and work to build a “new normal,” current realities leave us needing to explore creative ways to continue our collective mission of providing meaningful opportunities for education and learning. Join experts in the field of graduate education and recruitment as they candidly discuss how they are dealing with the current situation and the various ways they’ve found to overcome ever-growing hurdles.
  • Eileen Tyson, Executive Director, Global Client Relations, ETS
  • John Dalton, Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies, UT-Austin
  • Charise D. Bell, Director of Recruitment and Marketing, Johns Hopkins University Whiting School of Engineering
  • Ayo Strange, Director of Sales, ETS
Dr. Suzanne Sharp, Liaison