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Are your postbac programs prepared to navigate an increasingly competitive landscape? And are you looking for innovative ways to improve overall program administration?

During this webinar, two postbac program leaders will discuss how they’ve transformed operations at their institutions. They’ll share how they’ve embraced new strategies to fill seats with best-fit students, offering insight into:

• Preparing program administrators and faculty for the challenges they expect to encounter in the next decade.
• Adopting new technology that enables these professionals to do more with less.
• Refining application processing to manage their budgets more effectively.

Presented by:

Joy Henderson
Director of Postbaccalaureate Programs
Campbell University

DeEttra Mulay
Director of Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Program
Co-Chair of PostBacCAS
Scripps College

Moderated by:

Robert Ruiz
VP, Strategic Enrollment