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There remains a lot of uncertainty for how student recruitment will unfold this fall. How will high schools reopen? What will college fairs look like? How will colleges obtain names of potential students with testing in question? Will college campuses be vibrant communities to showcase? One thing is certain: we need to look ahead to 2021 and deploy new ways to reach and engage prospective students. Join us for an exclusive interview with George Wolf, Vice President for Enrollment Management at Siena Heights. You’ll hear his thoughts on looking ahead to 2021, and how the traditional travel season needs to be replaced with new strategies.

Attendees will learn strategies to:

  • Engage with prospects without travel this fall.
  • Identify and leverage new positives for your school’s marketability.
  • Maximize a limited budget.


George Wolf
Vice President for Enrollment Management
Siena Heights University

Dr. Suzanne Sharp
Executive Director, Enrollment Management Consulting