Read Liaison’s Stance On Fighting Systemic Racism | On COVID-19

While we can’t gather in person, it’s still important for our community to support and learn from one another. The Midwestern Association of Graduate Schools (MAGS) is presenting a Fall Signature Event that will explore strategies for communicating the public benefits of graduate education.

Register for the event to hear MAGS Chair Julie Masterson describe other MAGS events for the Fall 2020 semester as well as plans for Spring 2021.  Then keynote speaker, Michael T. Nietzel, Ph.D., President Emeritus of Missouri State University and Senior Contributor for Forbes, will lead us in a discussion followed by Q&A on the following:

  • Overcoming key obstacles to effectively advocate for graduate education’s public impact
  • Emphasizing the benefits of graduate education for the public good, including professional expertise, valuable discoveries from research, economic spillovers, and stronger communities
  • How the importance of graduate education has been heightened during the pandemic

We’ll have a chance to meet the top three finalists from the MAGS 3MT (3-minute Thesis) Competition and hear their presentations. Finally, Judy Chappelear, Liaison’s Director of Association Partnerships, will share insights into how graduate programs are finding new ways to reach and engage prospective students.