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Postbaccalaureate programs are tasked with planning around uncertainty in the fall while also adapting admissions processes to accommodate new public health guidelines. Questions these programs are facing include: How is your institution managing your current and admitted students? What will your institution do to identify and recruit a new cohort of students? How will the worsening economy impact yield? How does your program benchmark against a national data set?

During this session, program directors from Temple University and Scripps College will discuss their answers to these questions and explore how program managers can position their institutions and students to successfully navigate the challenges ahead. They’ll also reveal findings from the first ever, comprehensive annual report about postbac applicants.


DeEttra Mulay
Director, Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program
Scripps College

Caleb Marsh
Admissions Director, PreHealth Postbaccalaureate Programs
Temple University
PostBacCAS Advisory Board Member


Robert Ruiz
Managing Director