Read Liaison’s Stance On Fighting Systemic Racism | On COVID-19

While none of us is certain what will happen in the coming months, we can’t sit and wait for the fall to come. In this session, GME enrollment leaders will share the insights and practices that are helping them get back to work and prepare for a successful 2020-2021 cycle. From returning the office safely, to adapting admissions practices to meet evolving public health guidelines, Texas A&M University’s Shannon Deer, Ph.D., and Kansas University’s Dee Steinle will discuss how they plan to maintain business continuity this fall. Attendees will also learn how a community approach to applications has helped them weather the challenges of the past year, and come out ahead of their enrollment goals.


Dr. Shannon Deer

Assistant Dean of Graduate Programs
Mays Business School, Texas A&M University
Member of the BusinessCAS Advisory Board

Dee Steinle

Executive Director, MBA and MSB Programs
School of Business, University of Kansas
Vice Chair of the BusinessCAS Advisory Board


Steve Taylor

Research Director, Liaison