Events and Webinars

GME Perspectives: A Conversation with Steve Taylor

May 12, 2022

The GME Perspectives webinar series is focused on building a shared perspective within the GME community, helping leaders better understand not only the forces shaping the current landscape but also the dynamics leading us into the future.

This academic year has been exceptionally complex as schools returned to the classroom, staff returned to the office, and disruptions have continued to redefine how students, faculty, and staff navigate our programs. As school leaders prepare for convocation and graduation ceremonies, it’s an important time to reflect on key developments from this year and how they’ll shape what comes next.

 In this session of GME Perspectives, Robert Ruiz and Steve Taylor discussed:

  • Disrupted operations and how schools are building new best practices to work through challenges.
  • The ongoing tension between face-to-face and online learning as student preferences change.
  • Strategic planning for the program portfolio in light of ongoing uncertainty in key student markets.


Steve Taylor
Research Director

Robert Ruiz
Managing Director