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SEMINAR: The Future of Financial Aid Strategies to Optimize Enrollment

September 28, 2022

No rest for the weary! The Fall 2022 class is in, the university is starting to build the FY24 budget, and your leadership is talking about goals for next fall’s first-year class – headcount, net tuition revenue, diversity and access, quality, college and program goals, etc. Additionally, students will begin filing FAFSAs in just a few days, and you will receive ISRs soon after.

Are you looking for advanced technologies and strategies to optimize your financial aid budget to achieve multiple, often competing, institutional enrollment goals? Look no further.

Advanced analytics, coupled with high impact, omni-channel, marketing communications will give you the confidence to say, “YES, I am absolutely sure I am optimizing our financial aid to achieve our enrollment goals!”

Join us for a two-hour interactive seminar. We will discuss how to build a strong financial aid plan and effectively communicate aid packages to students and parents using the most advanced tools available. Topics to include:

  • Optimize your financial aid spend
  • Illustrate trade-offs to leadership
  • Shape enrollment and improve retention
  • Communicate financial aid awards clearly while articulating outcomes and value

Reserve your seat for this 2-hour seminar today!
Don’t miss out – you’ll receive a Starbucks gift card following the seminar as a thank you for attending.


  • Introduction & Overview: The Importance of a Strong Financial Aid Strategy to Meet Enrollment Goals
  • Breakout Sessions:
    1. Effectively Communicating Financial Aid and Value to Students and Parents
    2. Using Advanced Analytics to Build Your Financial Aid Strategy
  • Closing Recap & Reflections


Chris Lucier
Director of Partner Relations, Othot
Liaison International

Suzanne Sharp, Ed.D.
Executive Director, Enrollment Strategy
Liaison International

Kelly Liocano
Strategic Partnership Manager, Othot
Liaison International