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The End Game: How AI Can Guide You to Positive Outcomes

September 21, 2022

What is your end game? Do you have a thoughtful and strategic plan of attack to help your students achieve their goals? Putting science behind decision-making can lead to success on many levels. In fact, campuses using artificial intelligence and machine learning are making informed decisions that increase enrollment by finding the best-fit students, developing curricula for improved learning outcomes, and helping ensure students’ long-term success.

Participants will learn how this proven model can be applied at their schools as they design a roadmap based on predictive and prescriptive analytics to engage and enroll students, create a supportive learning environment, and ensure each student is on the right path toward success.

This keynote session is part of the MBA Roundtable’s Learning Analytics Forum on September 21-23, 2022.


Andy Hannah
President, Othot
Adjunct Professor and Executive/Entrepreneur-in-Residence, University of Pittsburgh

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