with Liaison Enrollment Marketing Platform (EMP)

Liaison Enrollment Marketing Platform (EMP) is a cloud-based marketing solution and optional services that maximize enrollment for both undergraduate and graduate admissions offices.

Immediate. Personal. Automated. Trackable.

Today’s students run at the speed of NOW — attracting and keeping their attention requires persistence and innovation. To increase enrollment marketing effectiveness, your conversations need to be timely, targeted and personally relevant to each student’s interests.

EMP creates integrated web, email, text, print and voice messaging campaigns within one convenient platform, enabling you to scale your efforts without scaling your admission resources. Add event management to drive inquires and a private social network to engage accepted students, and see your enrollments soar.

EMP tracks and scores all activities and interactions and provides easy access to your data at all times, providing your staff with critical knowledge of your prospects’ interest in you, based on their behavior. You’ll benefit from a 360-degree view of your enrollment marketing plan and results through our easy-to-use web interface.

Identify and engage top prospects
  • Launch personalized electronic, digital and print enrollment campaigns.
  • Provide immediate, personalized responses to student interactions.
  • Continuously engage with prospects throughout the admissions cycle.
  • Score students based on their actions and focus your efforts on those most likely to enroll.
  • Utilize event management tools to maximize campus visits, open houses and virtual tours.
  • Create a private social network to fully engage accepted students.
Benefit from comprehensive campaign management services
  • Multi-channel campaign management, including variable print-on-demand
  • Student relationship management and scoring
  • Digital marketing and social media integration
  • Automated event management
  • Online marketing campaign results tracking
  • Professional creative and campaign management (optional)

Create memorable student experiences with timely, relevant messaging that keeps prospects engaged and your institution top of mind.

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Pfeiffer University
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Graduate Student Engagement Strategy
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