Centralized Application Service™ (CAS)
An intuitive, flexible application service to simplify the admissions process

Actively Target Your Best-Fit Students with Liaison's Centralized Application Services™ (CAS)

Institutions worldwide use CAS™, an intuitive, flexible application with up-to-date visual insights into application and enrollment trends, to actively target their best-fit students.

The cloud-based application service streamlines researching and applying to multiple programs of interest, guiding students through the application process. With CAS you will:
  • Encourage application completion
  • Provide institution-to-student connection
  • Make your data actionable
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The Higher Education CAS System expands members’ applicant pools with branded program listings, multi-channel ads, and targeted drive-to-apply campaigns.
Application Services

Application Services

The CAS technology is complemented by application processing services and applicant support that saves member institutions time on manual administrative tasks.
Showing Multiple Schools to Apply to

Data Services

The Centralized Application Service is a proven data management solution with customized data integration and best-in-class data security and privacy.
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The CAS Community regularly publishes magazines, ebooks and white papers and hosts focus groups, webinars and in-person events to facilitate the sharing of industry insights.

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Whether you want to enhance your institution’s application experience, marketing initiatives, data services or community involvement, EngineeringCAS delivers results that benefits programs and applicants alike.
When you join BusinessCAS, you become part of a powerful community of graduate enrollment leaders. You also gain access to the industry-leading recruitment, admissions and enrollment solution and complementary services.
GradCAS™ is a full service, Web-based Centralized Application Service (CAS™) that allows a student to apply to multiple graduate degree programs on one campus, or to multiple programs across multiple campuses, by submitting a single application for enrollment.


CAS is a community of like-minded graduate education leaders who work together to drive the industry forward.

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In addition to our Higher Education CAS System, we also offer application options through TargetX and SlideRoom



Increase applications, transform enrollment management, and power admissions productivity using TargetX’s Recruitment and Admissions Suite.
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A comprehensive system designed to accept and review application forms, references, portfolios, and payments in one secure location.

Ready to find and retain best-fit students?

Let us show you how Total Enrollment will improve admissions, enrollment and retention on your campus.
CAS Case Studies_Kansas

University of Kansas School of Business

  • 70% application-to-enrollment yield
  • 80% increase in cohort expansion
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Santa Clara University School of Business

  • 33% increase in applicants
  • 163% increase in summer online matriculants
CAS Case Studies_Tennessee Martin

The University of Tennessee Martin

  • Increased insight into enrollment funnel
  • Efficient automation of applications processes