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The WebAdMIT Benefits include:

Manage time better

WebAdMIT streamlines administrative tasks for everyone involved in the admissions process.

With WebAdMIT, you can:

  • Establish work groups and manage user rights and privileges.
  • Assign admissions workflow components and track progress.
  • Schedule, manage and score interviews.
  • Manage processes by program and across your institution.

WebAdMIT facilitates increased collaboration and improved operational efficiencies, allowing you to focus on strategic priorities. 

Improve admissions strategies

WebAdMIT’s reporting features offer insight that you need to improve program and institutional strategies.

With WebAdMIT, you can:

  • Understand how your programs are performing in real time.
  • Benchmark and compare programs across your institution
  • Forecast and model enrollment trends.
  • Gain competitive insight.
  • Respond to state or national surveys, accreditation agency requests and internal constituent inquiries with meaningful data.

WebAdMIT increases transparency, accountability, speed and accuracy to help you make more strategic decisions and prepare for emerging enrollment trends.

Communicate more effectively

WebAdMIT facilitates more effective communication with applicants in real time throughout the admissions lifecycle.

With WebAdMIT, you can:

  • Easily create email templates and associate them with specific stages in your admissions process.
  • Personalize email lists using simple mail merge functionality.
  • Add hyperlinks directing applicants to key information.
  • Create student cohorts for targeted messaging.
  • Track and manage all communications.

WebAdMIT offers a complete view of applicant touchpoints and engagement levels, allowing for more timely and effective communication and an improved applicant experience.

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About Liaison

Over the last three decades, Liaison has helped over 31,000 programs on more than 1,000 campuses more effectively manage admissions through its Centralized Application Service (CAS™) technology and complementary application processing and support services. The higher education technology leader supports its partner institutions’ total enrollment goals by pairing CAS with its Enrollment Marketing (EM) platform as well as the recently acquired TargetX (CRM) and advanced analytics software Othot.