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with Liaison WebAdMIT

With Liaison WebAdMIT, you can communicate with applicants more seamlessly and work with evaluators more efficiently, to build the strongest possible incoming class. Then, analyze and report on applicant data more effectively.

WebAdMIT helps programs:
  • Assemble a qualified and diverse incoming class.
  • Communicate effectively across the full admissions lifecycle.
  • Streamline administrative tasks.
  • Gain the insight you need to improve admissions strategies.
WebAdMIT helps admissions professionals:
  • Create and group applicants based on their individual funnel stages.
  • Organize applicant tasks into functional assignments for reviewers
  • Manage supporting documentation (e.g., transcripts, personal statements, letters of reference, etc.).
  • Assign, schedule and score interviews.
  • Customize your applicant ranking criteria for weighted comparison
WebAdMIT helps administrators:
  • Define role-based permissions to streamline workflows and access to sensitive information.
  • Limit access to certain functions based on user level.
  • Customize data section views based on user role for security and efficiency.
  • Easily manage data exchange with your SIS via several integration options.

With WebAdMIT, you can target messaging, track engagement and scale your application review management.

Download the overview and learn how WebAdMIT helps you analyze and report on applicant data, and improve applicant and evaluator communication.