Highlights from Higher Ed: Higher Grad Rates and Crunched Numbers

RJ Nichol
Oct 6, 2017

1. New SAT means another adjustment to admissions

The latest revision to the SAT will once again change the barometer for which admissions officers base their standards. Introduced in the spring of 2016, Newsday reports the national average of this redesigned test is the highest recorded in 45 years. Changes to the test reflect changes to academic standards as taught according to Common Core. Longer reading passages, less obscure vocabulary and no more penalties for wrong answers raised scores this year.

2. Partnerships pave the way for higher graduation rates

Although 50 to 80% of students attending community college have a plan to transfer to a four-year program, they often run up against issues transferring credits. Kutztown University is setting the standard for smoothing the way for these students. By partnering with 14 colleges in the US, Kutztown is making transferring as seamless as possible, saving students money as well. The Reading Eagle has the story.

3. You’re not alone, promise

“Very concerned” — that’s how 55% of directors in college admissions are feeling about hitting their goals for enrollment for the upcoming year. This is more than 20% higher than last year. But there is some good news. While the “college admissions bubble” may have popped, the primary cause is probably just demographics. Read more about what T74 has to say about the millennials and declining birth rates.  

4. Crunching numbers to target potential students

Colleges aren’t letting low application numbers move them to desperation. Instead, they’re using social media and other, more sophisticated marketing techniques to increase brand awareness. MarketWatch has the story.

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RJ Nichol

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