CRM | Liaison Outcomes

CRM | Liaison Outcomes

The CRM Built for Enrollment Velocity

Engineered specifically for higher education admissions and enrollment management teams, Liaison’s Outcomes CRM is a student enrollment software that’s easy to manage and customize, freeing your resources to build a best-fit class and ensure positive student outcomes.

Spend More Time Building Relationships and Shaping Your Class with Liaison’s Easy-to-Manage, Standalone CRM Solution

The ability to recruit and shape a well-built class effectively requires fast tools and efficient systems that empower admissions and enrollment management teams, freeing up valuable time and resources to focus more on prospects. With purpose-built features, Liaison’s Outcomes is an easy-to-manage CRM and application management suite for higher education institutions designed to attract and engage best-fit students. Our standalone CRM solution supports higher education institutions, helping to deliver an end-to-end system to:
  • Simplify application management. Customize applications and evaluations supported by proven insights and analytics.
  • Master automation with easy-to-use tools for omni-channel marketing. Centralize and consolidate marketing campaigns and outreach, including email, texts, print mailings, and decision letters.
  • Develop deeper connections with prospects. Manage small and large recruiting teams with territory management, prospect engagement, and counselor portals.

Features to Unlock Outcomes

Liaison’s Outcomes is a standalone CRM designed specifically to recruit, engage, evaluate, and admit students without complicated, cumbersome technology. Customization, configuration, and analysis are designed for easy implementation for non-technical, higher-education professionals with our student enrollment software.

Admissions Operations: Tailor Admissions Evaluation to Your Holistic Review Processes

Refine operations for application and review through enrollment with easy-to-setup automation, reporting functionality, and student systems integration
  • Application Management & Evaluation
  • Student Portal
  • Online Application
  • Application Review Tool
  • Interview Management
  • Data Management & Reporting

Marketing & Communication: Design Campaigns with Omni-Channel Marketing

Connect with prospects and applicants, leveraging multiple channels in real-time or through automated journeys
  • Event Management
  • Email Platform
  • Campaign Builder

Recruitment Management: Align Recruiters and Empower Self-Directed Prospecting

Efficiently recruit students on-campus and around the world.
  • 1:1 Chat
  • Counselor Dashboard
  • Territory Assignments
  • Geo Mapping

Grow with Liaison’s Total Enrollment Approach

Start with Outcomes and grow with Liaison. Our consultative workshops will help you assess your goals and measure performance against strategic priorities to ensure a clear path forward. A Total Enrollment workshop helps identify and prioritize opportunities on your campus—improving prospect engagement, increasing enrollment, driving operational efficiencies, and supporting student success.

What to Expect:

  • Review current market trends in higher education
  • Evaluate your current tech stack
  • Align existing campus solutions and Liaison’s offerings with your institution’s strategic plan
  • Review findings from a prospective student secret shopping analysis of your site
  • Participate in a thorough review of your funnel and relevant systems on your campus
  • Recap workshop learnings and define next steps