Intelligent Names Solution for HigherEd

Liaison Intelligent Names

Fuel Your U.S. Recruitment Strategy with a Pipeline of High-Intent Degree Seekers

An AI-powered Recruitment Pipeline for Higher Ed that expands your recruitment pipeline with high-intent adult learner prospects, Intelligent Names unleashes the power of advanced analytics to accurately identify adults with high intent to continue their education.

Expand and Enhance Your Applicant Pipeline to Include Motivated Learners

By segmenting and scoring more than 100 million individuals’ key attributes — such as gender, ethnicity, income, educational attainment, household status, and geography — we help institutions like yours discover and target traditionally hard-to-reach degree-seeking adults. Liaison’s experienced search analysts collaborate with you to:
  • Define your unique search parameters
  • Access marketable adult learners most likely to pursue vocational, associate’s, bachelor’s, or graduate degrees
  • Score each individual’s intent for continued education

Intelligent Names – Explore

Cultivate new applicants with access to high-intent adult degree seekers to fuel your marketing and outreach campaigns. Equip your admissions and marketing teams with access to historically hard-to- reach contacts. Designed to supplement your pipeline for graduate education and non- traditional undergraduate degree-seekers.

Intelligent Names – Enhance

Create deeper profiles for existing prospects by appending detailed information to existing lists. Enrich undergraduate lists with parent information to market to and reach student behavior influencers more effectively. Designed to augment your recruitment pipeline for higher ed with AI and more variables that matter to your institution like parent information for traditional undergraduate degree-seekers.

The Process and Advantages of AI-Powered Search

Liaison has more proprietary insights about graduate and professional students than most lead sources in higher education today. Our model development process blends proprietary data, targeted surveying, and industry-leading data science expertise. This offers your institution a deeper understanding of each individual’s level of educational intent and the confidence to make data-driven decisions. Consulting with a Liaison search expert, we deliver a customized list of prospects to nurture, including:
  • Hard-to-find adults with a higher propensity to pursue continued education segmented to deliver only the prospects you need
  • New data-points for personalization and micro-targeting of prospects to increase outreach effectiveness
  • Data-matching to append existing contact records in your database with parent and household information to enhance outreach

The Results

With access to high-intent prospects, your marketing efforts will be focused on people who are motivated to continue their education and will reduce wasted marketing dollars and valuable resources on broad, ineffective targeting strategies.

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Ready to find and retain best-fit students?

Let us show you how Total Enrollment will improve admissions, enrollment and retention on your campus.

Columbia College Chicago

  • Boosted enrollment by 34%
  • $1 million in NTR in the first year
  • Increased diversity by 14%

University of Pittsburgh School of Law

  • Increased diversity by 7%
  • Enjoyed best admissions year for scores, GPA and gender-based demographics
  • Improved LSAT scores to reach their goals

Florida Institute of Technology

  • Increased NTR by 9%
  • Increased year-over-year enrollment by 9.7%
  • Increased retention by 2%