Highlights from Higher Ed: Antitrust Laws and Interdisciplinary Schools

RJ Nichol
May 4, 2018


That’s how many years the NAICU requested for a redemption from antitrust laws for its member schools “to ensure public affordability purposes are served through any exemption.” Jeffrey Selingo suggests that violating the antitrust laws would restore reason to the admissions process and slow rising tuition rates.

Source: The Atlantic

$130 million

That’s the amount of federal Pell Grant funds that were denied in one semester to low income community college students in California, according to a new research study. In 2015, more than 471,000 California students received Pell Grants, but researchers discovered that over 20% of the state’s two-year college students did not receive aid, even if they were eligible.

Source: Inside Higher Ed


That’s the average years of tenure for a college president according to a 2017 study by ACE. A decade ago, that number was at 8.5. William H. McRaven, departing chancellor of the U.of Texas system, on Tuesday called the job of college president, along with the leader of a health institution, “the toughest job in the nation.”

Source: The Chronicle of Higher Education


That’s how many newly organized interdisciplinary schools exist in the vision of Hiram College’s president Lori Varlotta. The schools will center around science and sustainability, health and community advocacy, business and information analysis, education and civic leadership and exploratory thought, creative arts and languages. Varlotta’s mission is to combine the school’s liberal arts heritage with technology for the modern student. Like many other small liberal arts colleges, Hiram aims to carve out a niche to help them stand out.

Source: Inside Higher Ed

RJ Nichol

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