Highlights from Higher Ed: Recession Preparations and Declining MBA Apps

RJ Nichol
Oct 5, 2018

Do White Admissions Counselors Look for the “Right Kind” of Black Students?

A new study by Ted Thornhill, an assistant professor of sociology at Florida Gulf Coast University, revealed that 26% of white admissions counselors are less likely to respond to the emails of black students whose interests and involvements focused on anti-racism and racial justice. The study, titled We Want Black Students, Just Not You: How White Admissions Counselors Screen Black Prospective Students, also found a staggering difference in the response rate for white male counselors responding to black women. Black women interested in environmental sustainability got a response rate of 74%, while those who presented the anti-racist narrative got a response rate of 37%.

Source: Forbes

MBA Applications Down, Even at Top Business Schools

A new survey from GMAC reveals that MBA applications are down for the fourth year in a row, even at top schools like Harvard and Stanford, but up in Asia, Canada and Europe. The amount of debt most students incur for a master’s degree may be discouraging working professionals from returning to school.

Source: Education Dive

Is Trump Affecting International Graduate Enrollment?

According to a new report from the Council of Graduate Schools, first-time international graduate enrollments in U.S. institutions fell 3.7% from fall 2016 to fall 2017, marking the second year of decline. Though few students were rejected for visas, experts say it’s likely that the climate in the United States is deterring international students from enrolling.

Source: Inside Higher Ed

Is Higher Ed Ready for Another Recession?

The changes caused by the Great Recession of 2008 — bigger tuition discounts, a decline in state taxpayer appropriations to public colleges and much more student debt — require colleges to become more financially sustainable for students in a changing economy. History says that another recession could be coming. Is higher education prepared?

Source: The Washington Post

RJ Nichol

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