Save Time with Liaison Support

Beyond innovative enrollment software solutions, we also offer professional support that will help you maximize your investment and navigate any issues from initial setup onward.

At Liaison, we aim to help you streamline your processes so you can spend time on what matters most—recruiting, admitting and enrolling students. Our support services include:

  • Application management services: We coordinate organization of application materials, helping you go paperless and bring your enrollment efforts to the next level.
  • Application review and processing: We conduct a thorough review of every application you receive, reviewing for completeness and accuracy. This typically involves GPA verification, transcript authentication and customer phone and email support.
  • Document storage: We serve as your postal point of contact, collecting and storing all printed documents in a secure facility and storing transcripts for up to two admissions cycles.
  • Customer support: We respond to questions about progress on the application, whether materials have been received and other questions related to the online application via phone or email.

Meet the team that will help you scale application management.

Today, over 7,000 programs around the country have adopted a CAS, usually offered through a professional association, to optimize their recruiting, application, and enrollment processes.


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