Streamline Graduate Application Management with UniCAS

Over 7,000 programs nationwide have streamlined their application process with UniCAS, Liaison’s Centralized Application Service (CAS) for graduate programs.


For the last 20+ years, many institutions have relied on Liaison’s UniCAS to aggregate enrollment data from across their graduate schools and programs while supporting their unique admissions processes and workflows for more effective recruiting. A leading centralized application service for graduate programs, UniCAS benefits admissions officers and the prospective students who they target.

UniCAS helps graduate programs:

  • Gain a centralized window into overall graduate admissions performance.
  • Streamline the application process while supporting program-specific workflows and processes.
  • More efficiently process applications, saving time and money through application processing and verification services.

UniCAS helps applicants:

  • Apply to multiple programs with one application form and one set of reference letters.
  • Feel more connected to programs of interest through responsive application support and real-time application status updates.


See why over 7,000 programs at over 800 campuses trust Liaison to process 2,200,000 graduate applications a year.

Watch our demo video and get additional resources to see how UniCAS can help you manage the complex, decentralized world of graduate admissions.

Download the overview and learn about UniCAS, the only solution that provides a unified view of enrollment efforts across your institution.

Learn how our enterprise enrollment management is delivering a modern applicant experience and allows schools, departments and programs at USC to centralize data for advanced strategic planning.

Harness the full power of open-source frameworks, contact us and get a bespoke content-manageable website that suits exactly your needs and requirements.

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