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Liaison Announces UniCAS Admissions Management Solution for Universities

Watertown Mass, (May 1, 2014) – Liaison International announced the launch of UniCAS™, a direct-to-university admissions management solution, today at the 27th NAGAP Annual Conference in San Diego, CA. UniCAS is the first solution that allows universities and graduate enrollment management offices to establish common admissions standards and data while allowing schools and programs to retain their individual branding, applicant questions, and process workflows. UniCAS helps graduate enrollment professionals understand trends, measure outcomes, and forecast current and future admissions cycles.

UniCAS software supports the strategic initiatives of enrollment management and admissions professionals by providing them with the real-time information needed to answer important questions like:

  • Are we on track to meet enrollment targets this year?
  • What does our applicant pipeline look like?
  • What does our applicant pool look like this year for each school/program across the university? How does it compare to prior years?
  • What are the demographic trends in the applicant pool across all schools/programs?
  • What is our applicant profile?
  • Are we attracting the “best fit” applicants for our programs?

UniCAS’ innovative applicant interface also allows applicants to apply to multiple graduate schools through one seamless, mobile-optimized platform. The applicant experience is easy and intuitive using a single Web-based application. For applicants applying to multiple schools or programs, UniCAS eliminates much of the duplicate data entry, allowing the applicant to enter common information only once.

At the same time, schools and programs within a university can configure the look and feel of each application, including specific branding that can persist throughout the application experience. Non-technical users can make changes allowing flexibility and customization at the school and program level. UniCAS builds on Liaison’s nearly 20-year history of providing centralized application services (CAS) through professional associations to some of the largest, most prestigious and innovative graduate admissions programs in the country.

Also announced today are UniCAS implementations at both Midwestern University and Samford University.

During the NAGAP Conference, Michael Behringer, Liaison’s CEO and President, will lead a panel discussion entitled Creating Common Graduate Data Metrics to Enhance Graduate Enrollment Management. The session will be held at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego on May 1st at 4PM Pacific Time.

“We are excited to work with admissions teams and GEMS offices to create lasting, loyal and trusting relationships with applicants in a market that can be challenging when annual enrollment trends are declining in the U.S.,” Behringer said. “In addition to providing an exceptional applicant experience, best-in-class admissions and enrollment offices have a tremendous opportunity for competitive advantage by leveraging increased transparency to common data across their campus.”

About Liaison

Liaison helps higher education institutions identify, recruit, and enroll best-fit students with improved outreach, application, and enrollment processes. More than 5,000 programs, on over 800 campuses nationwide, rely on our admissions management and enrollment marketing solutions to reach prospective students, streamline administrative tasks, and create exceptional experiences for applicants across the full enrollment cycle—from first interest to first day on campus.

Over the last 20+ years, Liaison has built strong relationships with educational associations and powers some of the most admired admissions offices in the country. For more information, please visit http://www.liaisonedu.com/ or follow the company on Twitter at @LiaisonEDU.

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