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Liaison Acquires Spectrum

Liaison acquires Spectrum to support admissions professionals and their key stakeholders to efficiently manage the entire lifecycle of admissions management and marketing – from the applicants’ first interest through their first day on campus.

Watertown Mass, (November 10,2014) Liaison International, the leader in admissions management solutions, today announced that it has acquired Spectrum Edu Solutions, a leading provider of CRM and marketing solutions for higher education institutions. With the addition of Spectrum, Liaison’s offerings now span the entire lifecycle of enrollment management and student marketing and provides the most comprehensive solution on the market.

“Higher education institutions are looking for integrated enrollment management solutions to improve their recruitment efforts, student communications and applicant experience from the applicant’s first interest through their first day on campus,” said Michael Behringer, CEO and President of Liaison.  “Spectrum’s CRM and marketing solutions are a natural extension to our admissions platform and will expand our ability to help schools admit the right applicants.”

Liaison has long provided admissions solutions to over 4,500 individual programs, including graduate and undergraduate schools, as well as entire universities. Now, with the addition of Spectrum’s automated student marketing platform, institutions are better able to attract best-fit applicants through meaningful communications and an engaging and holistic application process while streamlining administrative tasks and eliminating administrative overhead.

“Many institutions struggle with having the right tools and enough resources to manage all the critical tasks throughout the admission process,” said Scott Mallen, former President of Spectrum and now President of CRM Solutions at Liaison. “It’s exciting to join the Liaison team because, together, we bring to market a solution that addresses this need. From campaign management and personalized communications, to customizable application forms and verification of student credentials, our combined software, services and data analytics platform sets the standard for best practices in enrollment management and allows admissions staff to focus on what’s most important – building lasting relationships with students.”

About Liaison

Liaison helps higher education institutions identify, recruit, and enroll best-fit students with improved outreach, application, and enrollment processes. More than 5,000 programs, on over 800 campuses nationwide, rely on our admissions management and enrollment marketing solutions to reach prospective students, streamline administrative tasks, and create exceptional experiences for applicants across the full enrollment cycle—from first interest to first day on campus.

Over the last 20+ years, Liaison has built strong relationships with educational associations and powers some of the most admired admissions offices in the country. For more information, please visit or follow the company on Twitter at @LiaisonEDU.

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