Think Like a Marketer: Step #4 Follow Through

We’re posting tips from our most recent eBook, Think Like a Marketer: Five Steps to Better Admissions Results. Last week, we looked at how to create great experiences for your audiences. This week we learn about the importance of follow through.

How important is follow through? Companies that contact potential customers within an hour of receiving queries are nearly seven times as likely to have meaningful conversations with key decision makers as companies that contact those prospects even an hour later. Still, not quite a third of companies are doing it.

In the admissions world, immediate and relevant follow-through can make a significant difference in application volume and yield rates.

Reach out faster.

Marketers use automated response systems to reach customers faster. Some admissions programs are following suit, adopting automated fulfillment systems that help them respond effectively to inquiries. At Franklin Pierce University in New Hampshire, an automated fulfillment system automatically generates a personal landing page when a prospect fills out an inquiry form and triggers a series of personalized emails. Within 24 hours of the initial inquiry, a personalized print piece is mailed to the prospect. Communications are immediate, personal, and relevant.

Reach out further.

Marketing dedicates whole programs to “influencers”—those people who are not direct buyers, but who influence the buying decisions. In admissions, those influencers are typically parents and families. Using personalized print pieces, sent to the family address, is a great way to capture the attention of these key influencers and make your institution the topic of discussion at the dinner table.

Reach across silos.

Many institutions have robust marketing departments that manage brand, messaging, and outreach. Understanding how your one-to-one efforts work in relation to marketing’s broader outreach efforts is key to more cohesive, effective marketing plans. Build bridges between admissions and marketing so that both departments understand what campaigns are being launched, to whom, and why.

Want to learn more? Download the eBookThink Like a Marketer: Five Steps to Better Admissions Results. Be sure to check out next week’s post on what to track, how to track it, and how to use that data to improve results.