Think Like a Marketer: Step #3 Create Great Experiences

We’re posting tips from our most recent eBook, Think Like a Marketer: Five Steps to Better Admissions Results. Last week, we looked at how to make more relevant connections with your audiences. This week we learn how to create great experiences for them.

It’s easy to forget that every interaction you have with a prospect—good and bad—creates an impression. Today’s savvy marketers know that how you sell is just as important as what you sell. How does that apply to your programs?

Communicate across the right channels.

Prospective students live in an always-on technology environment that gives them a myriad options for interacting with your institution. Be ready to respond—immediately—across multiple channels and with engaging content. Think about how you can integrate relevant messages across different platforms including email, web, text, voice, and print.

Make it interactive.

Today, 75% of all teenagers have access to a smartphone; of those over 90% use them to go online daily. Current marketing campaigns integrate at least three media channels and almost half link its printed materials to online digital assets. You should optimize all of these media for mobile devices. Take advantage of text messages and even augmented reality—the layering of digital data onto a physical object or places—to spur engagement. These tactics can provide valuable information about a prospect’s behavior that will make subsequent communications even more engaging.

Make it helpful.

The commitment you’re asking a student—or a parent—to make to your institution is significant. Demonstrate your appreciation by giving your admissions staff the ability to proactively respond to student needs. A system that tracks student interactions with your website can help staff make more focused, helpful calls to prospective students. And they can make those calls within minutes, rather than days. That kind of personal, immediate attention can make all the difference to your engagement efforts.

Want to learn more? Download the eBookThink Like a Marketer: Five Steps to Better Admissions Results. And be sure to check out next week’s post on the importance of follow through.