Think Like a Marketer: Step #2 Stay Relevant

Over the next several weeks, we’ll be posting excerpts from our most recent eBook, Think Like a Marketer: Five Steps to Better Admissions Results. Last week, we looked at how a laser focus on brand, audience, and message can move your programs forward. This week, we tackle how to keep your outreach relevant.

Many marketers today are replacing mass marketing (advertising, direct mail, brochure-ware) with one-to-one marketing tactics (personalized messages delivered through multiple channels). In the world of one-to-one marketing, delivering the right message to the right person at the right time and through the right channels can be a game-changer.

Understand your audience.

Sarah, a rising senior, received over 10 pounds of marketing materials from more than 50 institutions before she even started her last year of high school. Most of it was never opened. Why? Because most it was bland, undifferentiated, and impersonal. For a 17-year-old student who loves to shop online, has 752 friends on Facebook, and only communicates by texting, these formal and impersonal communications were entirely alien.

Cut through the noise.

But some did catch her attention. A postcard from a Catholic college that promised to unite the heart and the mind incorporated her name into a design that invited her to log on to a website created just for her. A QR code on the back let her discover more about the school. Why did this tactic work? It was relevant to her interests, personalized just for her, delivered in a way that could be absorbed quickly, and it gave her an opportunity to interact with the school on her own terms.

Communicate across multiple channels.

When Sarah logged on to her personal landing page, she provided the school with a little more information about herself, her interests, and her aspirations. She received a text within hours inviting her to the next open house. A print-on-demand brochure designed specifically for her followed two days later.

Want to learn more right now? Download the eBookThink Like a Marketer: Five Steps to Better Admissions Results. Be sure to check out next week’s post on how to create great experiences.