4 Tips on Taming the Paper Beast

How Paperless Admissions Can Help You Realize New Efficiencies

It might seem nerve wracking not to rely on your trusty filing cabinet or be able to pull a prospective student’s manila folder at will, but a paperless office—especially in admissions—benefits you, your institution, and ultimately, your applicants.

Paper applications are dwindling just like paper receipts, bills, and bank statements. Today, students live in a digital world and expect to interact with your institution on their terms. As well, being able to compile, access, and archive an applicant’s record digitally streamlines the admissions cycle, allowing for quicker processing and more consistent communication. It also reduces the chances of materials being lost or errors being made.

It takes commitment to take the plunge. To learn more about how paperless admissions can help you, your team, and your students, download 4 Tips on Taming the Paper Beast, which provides some information about how going paperless can make your admissions office more efficient and competitive.