Hilbert College presented “Harnessing Technology to Enhance Recruitment Workflow” at the 2014 NYSACAC Conference

Last week was the 2014 NYSACAC at Long Island’s Adelphi University, and Spectrum was there to exhibit and spread the news about our EMP communication platform. But most importantly, Spectrum was there to support our partner school Hilbert College as they presented on how EMP has greatly improved their admissions workflow.

justin rogers (hilbert)Justin Rogers, Director of Admissions at Hilbert College, discussed the recruitment challenges that led to his team to implement a more effective communications outreach strategy, improving recruitment workflow and team progress. Below are some of the key highlights of the presentation:

Slow technology adoption leads to recruitment and enrollment challenges.

The higher ed recruitment industry is slow to adapt to new technology. Before Hilbert’s decision to overhaul their process, they had no outreach to prospects, minimal print or electronic outreach to prospects or inquiries, mostly focusing on nurturing students at the application stage. They assessed these problems and developed new admissions goals that would be more inclusive of—and responsive for—all of their prospective students across stages.

Admissions goals are best supported by an all-in-one enrollment management technology.

Hilbert developed new goals for the new enrollment year that included some of the following:

  • Automatic response when an inquiry filled out on online form
  • Variable cross-media communications
  • Qualifying hot leads within a prospect pool
  • Increase use of technology for student follow up
  • Better insight into rep activity and team goals

While multiple systems could be used to manage and achieve these goals, an all-in-one system provides an integrated approach for optimized outreach that allows for the recruitment team to see a full picture for any student. That’s when Hilbert decided to partner with Spectrum and implement EMP, Spectrum’s all-in-one real-time personalized communications platform for higher ed admissions teams.

Personal 1-1 technology leads to better outreach and recruitment workflow.

Hilbert’s adoption of personalized admissions technology allows for a 1-1 relationship with prospects. Each Hilbert rep is assigned to a group of particular students and the students get to know this rep by his or her first name. Personalization is also important to Hilbert because it helps the students develop strong relationships with the school and makes them feel wanted. The 7 cornerstones of Hilbert’s admissions technology include personalized formills, “thank you” PURLs, email, print, visits, phone calls, and texting. One stand out communications piece is Hilbert’s viewbook, which pulls data from the communication platform and places it in a story on the cover to create each student’s very own personal “Hilbert Story.” While the student data is managed, stored, and utilized for communications all from the platform, it also has allowed for improved rep productivity and follow up.justin rogers (hilbert) 2

Technology allows team to see progress daily and yearly.

The admissions technology improves personalization on the back-end for reps as well as it allows them to track every student’s interaction with outbound communication with workflow tools that are built into the platform. For instance, since Hilbert draws from both public high schools and Catholic high schools, the system allows them to develop two distinct emails tracks with different incentives through strategic group building of students. They can then monitor the results and follow up accordingly; “heat” points are also added to student profiles when they open the email, click links, or fill out a specific form. Also, if they launch a campaign to focus on getting more Campus Visits, they can track who viewed the Visiting Campus page on the microsites and leave notes on the student records to call them about any questions they have before visiting campus. As a whole, Hilbert’s team is able to view all of their rep activity by viewing a user profile in the system; it has an activity log of everything he or she has been doing. On a grander scheme, Hilbert can set goals for the year and pull reports to see how they are doing each quarter.

With Hilbert’s partnership with Spectrum, Justin Rogers reports that his team has increased electronic communications, targeted students with customize messaging, managed print outreach, and increased application yield—all to more potent effect.  Additionally, a program-wide cost-benefit analysis revealed that integrating technologies actually decreased total marketing costs as compared to previous years, particularly in print products. The ability to discriminate between digital and print recipients essentially abolished unnecessary print costs.

Let us know what kind of technology you are using for your admissions outreach and workflow in the comment section below, or email us at learnmore@insidespectrum.com.