Enrollment Strategy Resource Round-up: Three of this season’s best Higher Ed informational sessions

Whether you’re waist-deep in a snow drift or enjoying a more temperate winter season, February is a great time to take stock in how your current admissions outreach plan is yielding, and what might be done to adjust or improve it for the next enrollment cycle. That’s why we’re rounding-up some of the most interesting and effective resources for admissions professionals from the last few months. It is our hope to provide you with some fresh ideas and new perspectives for the remainder of your 2015 enrollment cycle, as well as inspiration for your admissions strategies for 2016 and beyond.

Below, you’ll find a short summary of three recent webinars and an ebook. Follow the cited links to visit our archives where the videos, presentations, and the ebook, are all available.

WEBINAR: Social Networks – How Going Private Yields

Of particular interest for schools who are currently transitioning into the accept/enroll stage of their cycle, this webinar examines the highly effective implementation of Private Social Networks for Accepted/Enrolled students only. Considered one of the most effective tools in the late-cycle nurture phase, Private Social Networks (PSNs) allow schools to continuously engage accepted students in a channel that is effective and powerful. By promoting student-to-student dialog between accepts, enrolled and student ambassadors from your school, accepted students who have not yet deposited can learn what they need to know to make their final decision (usually that decision is YES! – the majority of accepted students who log in to PSNs go on to enroll) while requiring practically zero intervention from your recruitment team.

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WEBINAR & EBOOK: 6 Steps toward a Connected Admissions Experience

Take a defining look at the state of college enrollment in the current era, with a 6-step guide on how to tackle some inherent challenges head-on and thrive as recruitment practices and requirements continue to evolve. This webinar and ebook will help you build authentic conversations with prospects, use data more strategically to foster relationships and predict outcomes, and connect and streamline fragmented admissions processes. The 6 steps—Awareness, Interest, Engagement, Application, Admittance, Enrollment—cover the span of first interest through first day on campus for prospective students from the admissions point of view. You’ll learn how to best pivot and adjust messaging strategies along each step to retain interest and produce maximum yield. Download this free, high-quality PDF ebook and share with your colleagues—we promise a valuable, eye-opening read that can help you create an unbeatable admissions experience.

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WEBINAR: Explore One of UB’s Top Products of the Year: EMP

To be a competitive admissions office, you need to have the right tools—EMP (Enrollment Marketing Platform) has been recognized as a highly effective tool on the market for an all-in-one CRM and communications engine that tracks and automates every part of your enrollment plan. Named a Top Product of the Year by University Business, the EMP is the pinnacle of enrollment technology—built specifically by the higher ed market, for the higher ed market. In this webinar, you can take a look at the user-side and student-side of the EMP’s powerful potential. From a student’s perspective, you’ll learn about the highly relevant and personalized print, microsite, digital, email, phone and text outreach that is fully automated and responsive to every student characteristic, from location to stage to entry year to interest. From the user’s perspective, hear from EMP Power User Keith Mock, VP of Enrollment at Faulkner University and you’ll see the advanced record-keeping and grouping, actionable analytics, and intuitive interface that allows users of all levels to build effective campaigns that yield. Get an inside look at one of UB’s Top Products and engage hands-on with a free demo today:

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