5 Reasons Why You Need a New Graduate Admissions Management Solution: Reason #5

  • July 19, 2016
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Access UniCAS's applicant portal from any device

Access UniCAS’s applicant portal from any device

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been featuring excerpts from our recently released ebook 5 Reasons Why You Need a Graduate Admissions Management Solution on the blog. Last week, we covered how UniCAS offers a single reporting platform with visual analytics tools for easy and intuitive reporting. This week, we’re covering the fifth and final reason: Your graduate applicants have high expectations—and will go elsewhere when your current solution doesn’t allow you to meet them.

Your Need: A Standout Applicant Experience

The student application experience reflects upon the institution. Graduate applicants expect an easy, intuitive application that provides immediate updates of where they stand—just like what they experience during any other online transaction. If you don’t provide an exceptional application experience for all of your graduate programs, they may turn to another school or program that does.

The Solution: A Modernized and Mobile Responsive Solution  

UniCAS offers an exceptional, intuitive and highly responsive application experience for your prospective students. Applicants are guided through the application process with visual cues about their progress, next steps and deadlines. Your prospective students can manage applications from their device of choice with real-time updates and reminders that keep them aware of their status. Request a demo here to see how UniCAS can deliver an exceptional experience to your applicants.

Over the last five weeks, we’ve explored the five reasons why you need a graduate admissions management solution from our newly released ebook:

  1. Your current solution isn’t flexible enough for your graduate programs’ needs.
  2. From document processing to verification, your current solution leaves you burdened with manual administrative tasks.
  3. The inconsistent data created by your current solution takes too long to analyze.
  4. Your current admissions management solution can’t provide a global view of your graduate admissions performance.
  5. Your graduate applicants have high expectations—and will go elsewhere when your current solution doesn’t allow you to meet them.

Download a full copy of the ebook here.

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