5 Reasons Why You Need a New Graduate Admissions Management Solution: Reason #2

  • June 21, 2016
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This month on the blog, we’re sharing excerpts from our recently released ebook 5 Reasons Why You Need a Graduate Admissions Management Solution. Last week, we covered how UniCAS offers an easily configurable solution with the flexibility that allows you to admit the right students. This week, we’re covering the second reason why you should consider a graduate admissions management solution: Your current solution leaves you burdened with manual administrative tasks.

Your Need: Support for Manual Administrative Tasks

Your prospective students expect fast, thorough responses. Manual, complex application processes slow you down and put you at a disadvantage when competing for best-fit graduate students.

Documents and data arriving from multiple sources and applicant information scattered across various spreadsheets and files make it difficult to act on the data you have – and to scale to manage more applications. The time you spend organizing applicant files would be better-spent managing relationships with prospective students and successfully enrolling them.

The Solution: Integrated Applicant Services

Our integrated applicant services mean you can leave administrative tasks like transcript authentication, coursework verification and GPA re-calculation to UniCAS. Watch this short video and sign up for a demo here to see how UniCAS’s processing and verification services allow you to focus on relationship management and scale to handle more applications.

Check back next week for our next reason to consider a graduate admissions management solution: The inconsistent data created by your current solution takes too long to analyze.

Want to read the full ebook? Download 5 Reasons Why You Need a Graduate Admissions Management Solution here.

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