5 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Graduate Admissions Management Solution

In an ideal world, your graduate admissions management system would provide a view of your overall admissions performance while also accommodating the complex, decentralized requirements of graduate admissions.

The unfortunate news: Many graduate schools are not operating in an ideal world.

Just ask Marian Carter, Assistant Dean of Enrollment Management and Student Services for the College of Health Sciences at Samford University:

[Before UniCAS, Samford University College of Health Sciences] had many programs that did not have any type of system. We were building new systems while trying to work with existing systems. We needed a way to manage all of this as all of our programs have very different requirements—for instance, some need GRE scores, some require MAT scores. What we needed was one consistent application.

During our recent 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Graduate Admissions Management Solution webinar, Marian joined us to discuss the five common problems faced by graduate admissions teams everywhere:

  1. The need for expensive, time-consuming system customizations from your admissions management solution provider (or from your IT team for homegrown solutions).  
  2. The burden of manual administrative tasks.
  3. Inconsistent data that takes too long to analyze.
  4. The lack of access to a global view of your graduate admissions performance.
  5. Managing all of the above while trying to exceed high graduate applicant expectations.

Do any of these sound familiar? Because we’re thinking quite a few might, we’ve embedded the recording of the webinar above. Watch it to find out how UniCAS addresses these problems and more by offering:

  • Flexibility for your individual programs’ needs.
  • A full suite of services, including GPA authentication, transcript verification, applicant support and document processing and scanning—no more overwhelming bins of mail!
  • Common data standards for comprehensive and consistent reporting across graduate schools and programs.
  • A single reporting platform and visual analytics tools to provide the information you need by program, by school and across the institution—no need to track data down!
  • A user-friendly platform for an enhanced applicant experience.

View the webinar slides here. Interested in seeing more of UniCAS? Sign up for a demo here.


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