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On-Demand Webinar:

Centralized, Decentralized, or Blended? Choosing Your Best-Fit Admissions Model

When it comes to graduate admissions, program needs differ across disciplines, so a one-size-fits-all approach just won’t work. Some schools find success with an undergraduate-inspired model that revolves around a central governing body setting policies and baseline standards. Others thrive when individual colleges or departments work independently, taking charge of their own processes and decisions. Still others benefit from streamlining the collection and processing of applications to ensure that institutional leadership has big-picture insight into the performance of all schools and programs across the university.

During this webinar, a panel of admissions leaders discuss their own experiences, offering insight into how they’ve built an admissions operation that allows them to take advantage of the benefits of each model.

Learn how to:

  • Recognize the benefits of centralized, decentralized and blended admissions models.
  • Leverage lessons learned by admissions colleagues to determine which admissions model best fits your goals.
  • Determine your own best-fit admissions model.

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Presented By:

Julie Masterson
Assistant Provost, Dean of Graduate College
Missouri State University
Robbie Melton
Interim Dean, Graduate School
Tennessee State University
Olivia Nash
Assistant Dean
University of the Pacific
Karen Jacobs
Vice President, Account Management
Liaison International