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Letting the Data Drive: Lessons from the Annual PostbacCAS Applicant Report

During this webinar, leaders of postbac programs reacted to the insights gained through the recently published second Annual PostbacCAS Applicant Report.

They covered how they’ve used data from 12,000 applications submitted to over 115 postbac programs across the U.S. to:

  • Better predict their future enrollment numbers.
  • Influence programmatic decisions moving forward.
  • Make connections with fellow members of PostbacCAS, the Community of postbac leaders driving the industry forward.
Brooke Birdsong

Brooke Birdsong

Associate Director of Admissions

Bob Rarig, Ph.D.

Bob Rarig, Ph.D.

Senior Associate Director Post Baccalaureate Pre-Health Programs

Moderated by:
Robert Ruiz

Robert Ruiz

Managing Director