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Diversity ranks among the top priorities for everyone in higher education. Students and institutions alike have come to recognize the value of creating an environment of inclusion, where diverse perspectives and lived experiences help to reinforce the ultimate goals of higher education: shaping individuals for success in our modern and highly interconnected world. However, efforts to increase diversity have revealed new challenges and barriers at every step. 

In this session, Dr. Anthony Jack, bestselling author of The Privileged Poor, will share his insights into what institutions can do to create a more diverse and inclusive experience for students. Listen in to hear a conversation about recent trends in higher education around diversity and the opportunities for admissions officers, in their roles as gatekeepers, to create equitable systems that will set the tone for students’ academic careers. Attendees will learn to view their processes, messaging and decision-making in a new light, and will come away from the webinar with actionable steps to increase diversity at their institution. 


Dr. Anthony Jack
Author, The Privileged Poor

Robert Ruiz
VP, Strategic Enrollment